Concerns or complaints about your Chiropractor?

Talk to your Chiropractor first

We recommend that you talk to your chiropractor about any concerns you have, as miscommunication is often the basis of many complaints.  Some useful tips for self advocacy are available here

Health and Disability Commissioner Advocacy Service

The Health and Disability Commissioner (“HDC”) offers a free advocacy service,  They can put you in touch with a patient advocate in your area who can help you understand your rights and help you to resolve your issues with your chiropractor and if necessary assist in making a formal complaint. 

Anonymous Complaints

Often the Board is unable to act on anonymous complaints. The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 and the principles of natural justice require that the complainant participates in the process. To ensure that the complaint includes all details and to allow the practitioner to fully answer the complaint the Board requests that all complaints are made in writing.  

If you have questions or concerns about a complaint matter or the process please feel free to contact the Registrar to discuss the matter. 

Public Safety

Public safety is our absolute priority in all cases. We do not have any powers to award damages or costs, or to impose discipline. We decide whether an issue of competence or conduct exists and take appropriate action, including determining whether the practitioner poses a serious risk of harm to the public. 

Please be aware that to ensure all principles of natural justice are met and thorough process is carried out, complaints matters will take time to resolve.

ACC Claims Issue

If you have an issue arising out of an ACC claims matter please visit

Raising a Complaint

Once a complaint is received by the Board, the Registrar must determine if the complaint relates to a specific patient. If the complaint relates to a specific patient the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act requires that this complaint be referred on to the Health and Disability Commissioner. When a complaint is within the Board’s jurisdiction the Board will gather information from the complainant and the practitioner and determine what action, if any, is appropriate to protect public safety and ensure practitioner competence. Please be aware that this process takes time and that practitioner privacy rights may limit the information the Board is able to provide to the complainant on outcomes.