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Eligibility to Practise in New Zealand

Registration to practise Chiropractic in New Zealand is a legal process, aimed at protecting the public of New Zealand.  The Chiropractic Board will grant registration to applicants who are considered competent and fit for registration.

Section 12 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 states that the Board must prescribe the qualification or qualifications for every Scope of Practice that it has gazetted under Section 11. To legally practise as a Chiropractor  in New Zealand, you must be registered with the Board AND hold a current Annual Practising Certificate.


Registration as a chiropractor in New Zealand under the Chiropractic Board Scope of Practice requires either:

  • A pass in an examination set by the New Zealand Chiropractic Board for chiropractors trained overseas who have graduated from an institution with accreditation status as recognised by a member body of the Council on Chiropractic Education International; or

  • Under the provision of the Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997, registration by the Chiropractic Board of Australia at the time of application.

New Zealand Graduate

If you hold one of the above prescribed qualifications and wish to practise in New Zealand you will need to:

  1.  Complete the Application for Registration form for New Zealand Graduates here.
  2.  Provide all of the accompanying documentation required in the Application for  
     Registration form
  3.  Submit the prescribed fee as detailed in the Application Form

Registered in Australia

If you are already registered and are able to practise in Australia and you wish to practise in New Zealand you will need to:

 Please note:

You will need to arrange for the Chiropractic Board of Australia to provide directly to the New Zealand Chiropractic Board, a Certificate of Good Standing and Registration Status.  This Certificate will provide certification that you are in good standing in Australia and your period of registration.

Registration Examinations

To be eligible for registration, practitioners who are educated overseas (and not registered in Australia) must successfully complete an assessment process.  The Council on Chiropractic Education Australasia (CCEA) administers the assessment process for the Chiropractic Board.  Please visit the CCEA’s website or email them directly for more information on the process, dates, costs and queries. Once you have successfully completed the assessment process please complete and submit this Application for Registration Form.

Certificate of Registration

A Chiropractor may purchase a formal Certificate of Registration from the Chiropractic Board.  This Certificate is A4 size and suitable for framing.  To request and pay for a Certificate of Registration please follow the link to download a copy of the Board’s Payment Form.

Practising Certificates

Before you apply for an Annual Practising Certificate you are advised to read the following information. This section includes information on renewing an Annual Practising Certificate in the following circumstances:

  1. annually;
  2. within 3 years of expiry
  3. after 3 years of expiry.

Every practitioner who wishes to renew their expiring Annual Practising Certificate must apply to the Registrar on the required form.  No person may claim to be practising chiropractic or do anything to suggest that they are practising chiropractic unless they hold a current Annual Practising Certificate with a Scope of Practice of Chiropractor.  The Board’s annual practicing certificate year runs from 1 April through 31 March. A receipt for your annual practising certificate will be automatically provided with your certificate.  Relevant application forms are available at the bottom of this page.

Annual Renewal

The annual renewal process is a streamlined process available only to practitioners who currently hold an practising certificate. This process is available from early February each year, the Application for Renewal and payment must be received by the Registrar prior to 31 March in each year.  If these are received after this date, you will be requested to restore your Annual Practising Certificate,  please see “Restoring an expired Annual Practising Certificate.

The Annual Practising Certificate may be issued for a period less than one year depending upon the date payment is made.   Your Scope of Practice (Chiropractor) will be endorsed on the Annual Practising Certificate.  For further information on the renewal process please see the form below.

Renewing an expired Annual Practising Certificate

If you wish to renew an expired Annual Practising Certificate additional information will be needed to verify your competence. The information varies depending on the length of time passed since you last held a New Zealand practising certificate, detailed information is available on the on the relevant form below.  The timeframe for processing of APC renewal applications (within3 years of expiry) is approximately 1 week and for applications (more than 3 years after expiry) the time varies based on the information provided.

Competency-Based Professional Standards for Chiropractors

Scope of Practice -Chiropractor

Application for renewal of an Annual Practising Certificate (within 3 years of expiry)

Application for renewal of an Annual Practising Certificate (more than 3 years after expiry)

Partial Year APC (3 months only)

The partial year APC (three months) can only be applied for once in an APC year by a registered chiropractor who has not practised at any other time during that APC year (01 April to 31 March). If a practitioner who has already applied for a partial year APC, then wishes to apply for another in the same APC year, they will need to apply for a full APC.  Application form for a Partial Year APC.

Planning to Work Overseas

Registered Chiropractors seeking employment overseas, or wishing to register with an overseas authority, are often asked to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the New Zealand Chiropractic Board.

To request a Certificate of Good Standing, please download, complete and return the Payment Form.

Application Forms

Pursuant to section 12 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 the Chiropractic Board has determined the qualifications necessary for a practitioner to be eligible for registration as a chiropractor, a list of these qualifications are available here .

To download an application or payment form, click on the relevant link below.

Registration Forms

General Registration – New Zealand graduate NOT registered in Australia

Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition – Registered in Australia (Trans-TasmanMutual Recognition)

Registration Application – Overseas Trained – NOT registered in Australia 

Annual Practising Certificates

Application for Renewal of an Expired AnnualPractising Certificate (within 3 years of expiry)

Application for Renewal of an Expired AnnualPractising Certificate (more than 3 years after expiry)

Other Forms

Payment Form – (This form is not to be used for initial registration or renewal of Annual PractisingCertificate)

Maintenance of registration only – no APC

Request for Criminal Conviction History – Complete the form and email to or mail to Criminal Records Unit, Ministry of Justice, National Office, SX 10161, Wellington, New Zealand

Request for Partial Refund Application Form – Available for refund of 2019/20 APC fee only, application must be completed by 31 May 2020 – For enquiries about a partial refund of your APC Fee, please contact the Registrar –