Wearing a mask

You and your patient must wear an appropriate mask for the duration of the visit unless exempted as per Ministry of Health guidelines. For more information, please refer to the MoH website.

Mandatory Vaccination

The COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 requires all Health practitioners providing health services to patients in person to be vaccinated.

The time frames are: 

  • 1st dose by 11:59pm        15 November 2021
  • 2nd dose by 11:59pm       01 January 2022

Please review the guidance (including exceptions and exemptions) from the Ministry of Health here

The COVID Protection Framework (Traffic light system)

IPC precautions are the primary mechanism to protect yourself and the people you see. Some obligations still apply to you under the order. Please see clause 104 of the Order, and the controls specified in schedules 6 and 7 in the Order.

You can see patients face to face if the following processes are in place:

When considering travel within and between regions ensure all risks have been taken into account before undertaking to provide care to patients and traveling to receive training.

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Board’s expectations

As a registered Chiropractor you are expected to:

  • Stay well informed of all Government announcements regarding changes to Alert Levels and practice according to the appropriate Policy and Guidelines for the current Alert Level.
  • Adhere to Government orders and Ministry of Health and Board directives and policies.

The Board COVID-19 policies and guidelines:

·       Chiropractic Board Pandemic Alert Level 2 Policy and Guidelines

·       Chiropractic Board Pandemic Alert Level 3 & 4 Policy and Guidelines

Related Policies

·       Telehealth Policy March 2020