Advice from the Ministry of Health

Alert Level 4:

  • The Alert Level 4 health services scope of provision is to preserve life or limb only
  • Alert Level 4 is an emergency measure and has been put in place to prevent transmission
  • Health service provision should not be face to face other than to preserve life or limb
  • Where possible all consultations should be by phone or video

Alert Level 3:

Please review the latest Ministry of Heath guidelines:

The criteria for face-to-face appointments is one of the folllowing:

  • a condition which is life or limb threatening; or
  • treatment required to maintain the basic necessities of life; or
  • treatment that cannot be delayed or carried out remotely without risk of significant harm or permanent and/or significant  disability, or
  • where failure to access services will lead to an acute deterioration of a known condition; or
  • where delay in access to services will impact the consumer’s ability to maintain functional independence and significantly  negatively impact quality of life


  • which cannot be delivered by a service which is currently operating or by clinicians that are already in contact with the patient for ongoing care.

Alert Level 2:

Clinical reasoning and risk assessment remain the fundamental principles for considering care at Alert Level 2. Telehealth and virtual appointments are still the preferred option and please exercise extra caution when treating vulnerable groups

Clinicians will be able to see patients face to face if the following processes are in place:

When considering travel within and between regions ensure all risks have been taken into account before undertaking to provide care to patients and traveling to receive training.

Board’s expectations

As a registered Chiropractor you are expected to:

  • Stay well informed of all Government announcements regarding changes to Alert Levels and practice according to the appropriate Policy and Guidelines for the current Alert Level.
  • Adhere to Government, Ministry of Health and Board directives and policies.

The Board COVID-19 policies and guidelines:

·       Chiropractic Board Pandemic Alert Level 2 Policy and Guidelines

·       Chiropractic Board Pandemic Alert Level 3 & 4 Policy and Guidelines

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